Friday, March 25, 2016

Skinny jeans

I'm going to be honest, for a long time those 2 words made me cringe.  Until very recently, I have not been a fan of the skinny jean craze.  I always thought that only the super skinny girls with no curves should wear skinny jeans.  I found fashion expert after fashion expert telling me that if I'm short with curves I should stay away from them.  And so I did.  I actually had given them a try a few different times and did not like them so I stuck to what I knew worked.  That is until I accidentally grabbed a pair and took them to the dressing room with the recommended bootcut jeans that I was supposed to be wearing.  I think I heard angels sing when I put them on.  Ok, I'm exaggerating a little bit.  But once I found ones that were the right fit I was sold!  Fit is key!  Well, a good pair of heels doesn't hurt
either :)

Ok, side bar here.  I'm going to use the term "skinny jeans" to mean any type of skinny/tight fitting pants.  Could be dress pants, could be colored pants, could be jeans.  I do NOT mean leggings.  In my opinion, true leggings should only be worn if your bum is covered up.  Just my opinion.

Even now as I write this post I can go online and find mixed opinions for what style I should wear.  Some experts say to stay away from tight fitting pants.  Others say that's the way to go.  Even fashion's experts can't decide which looks best.  What's a girl to do? Well, try for yourself and then take pictures of course!

First up is the Barely Bootcut Editor Pant from Express.  At first I loved these.  They weren't tight, but they weren't so loose that I was swimming in them.  They flare slightly at the knee to allow for a more straight line.  This is supposed to create a longer leg line--helping out the short-girls. 

Next is the Soho Jeans High-Waist Legging from New York and Company.  I know the name says legging, but these are more of a soft jeans material.  They are amazing!  They are substantial enough that you don't see every imperfection but they are soft and stretchy enough that it feels like leggings.  I would wear these every day!

SO, what do you think?  I think the jegging actually slims me more than the bootcut pants do.  Even though there is no hiding anything, they also don't imply that you are bigger than you actually are. 

I think part of gravitating towards a slim fit is coming to accept who I am.  Am I a super model that is 5'11" with 0% body fat?  Nope, not even close.  I am 5'2" with ?% body fat--and I'm perfectly fine with that!  I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin and that is the key to looking and feeling good!

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  What do you think of the skinny jean craze?  What style of pants do you prefer to wear?  Comment below with a pic and share your thoughts.


  1. I just recently gave in to the straight leg, skinny jean craze as well! Height is not my problem, but the curves are! I love the curvy fit from Loft, bought three different pairs :)

    1. I love those too! I ordered a pair and they are so soft and comfortable!