Saturday, January 11, 2014

A funny thing

I've always heard it said that the way you dress says a lot about you.  I do think there is validity to this, but I think its funny how clothes can really affect your mood and attitude.  Case in point, when I wear workout clothes I feel more energized and I actually WANT to exercise and eat right.  I'm less likely to veg on the couch eating candy and other junk food.  What is it about those little spandex pants that make me think I'm now a fitness guru?

On the flip side to that, when I'm in no hurry to get dressed and instead stay in my pj's all day I'm a little slow moving and have no problem taking a break to relax on the couch and watch my favorite show or two or three.  Before I know it, 1/2 the day is gone and I feel like a bum!

Then there is the going out outfit.  I'm not talking about going out clubbing or going to bars.  Just a nice, going out to dinner with friends, outfit.  I seem to stress about this more than anything else I get ready for.  But why?  Its not like those friends haven't seen me in my sweats or even my pj's.  For some reason when I try on outfits I can go through everything in my closet and not like a single thing, and I know full well that I have plenty of nice things to wear.  

This got me thinking.  Maybe too much isn't always a good thing.  I mean I'm sure my parents didn't have 1/2 as many clothes as I have and they found things to wear all the time.  And I KNOW my grandparents didn't.  In fact I think my grandma owns 4 or 5 shirts that she just rotates.  What does that say about us?  Obviously we've been taken over by the 'more is more' idea in just about everything these days.  But when will it stop?  So I've decided to start with my closet.  I can't tell you how many different colored cardigans or different colored GAP tees I have.  And what for?  How many ways can you style that?  So as we work on putting in a new closet organization system I've decided now is a good time to clean out the clutter.  I'll be going through my closet and getting rid of anything I haven't worn in a year.  I'm also going to cut down on duplicates I have.  I really don't need 5 t-shirts in different colors.  Nor do I need 3 different black tees!  

And hopefully soon my closet will look something like this!

So what does your closet look like?  Do you buy multiples of the same thing?  Do you purge your outfits regularly?


  1. Ugh. Clothes. The first half of this post I was nodding the entire time. This is me, too. I actually think there's some science behind it, but I can't find the link right now. When I get up before the kids, take a shower, put on clothes that aren't, ahem, flowing around my body, I get more done. I just do. It sets the tone for the day, because as soon as I'm dressed I'm ready to do something else. I think that's it, actually; getting dressed means you've done something (not change a diaper or get a glass of juice for other people, but something for yourself) and then you're ready to move. Yoga pants as the optimal motivational tool, who knew?

    One thing I do about the closet issue is this: you know how the kiddos outgrow/destroy their clothes in about 3 weeks? I take a garbage sack, go through their stuff, and then move into my closet with the same bag. I take it all to Goodwill and never think about it again. But another thing I do to keep my own closet organized is remove one item for every new thing I buy. Now, granted, I don't buy clothes for myself very often; maybe once a year I'll buy a few new pairs of pants or shirts or a new dress, but when I do, I take something old out of the closet; then I'm never struggling to find space for the new stuff. My closet is the one area of my house not swimming in clutter (probably because the kids don't go in there!) and it's fairly easy keeping it all organized.

    Going out clothes. What's that? :) My problem is I never know anything about current fashion until I step into a restaurant and realize people aren't wearing what I'm wearing, this usually prompts the trip to the store where I buy stuff that I won't wear for a year until my next nighttime outing, and so it goes.

    1. Great idea!! I started going through my closet yesterday pulling things out, but I like the idea of doing while going through the kiddos clothes! At a minimum that would be with the change in seasons. I'm also behind the curve on what's in style! Oh the life of a Mommy :)