Thursday, January 23, 2014

the big sale

I love sales.  Who doesn't right?  There are a few times a year that you can really score big time on clothing, and right now happens to be one of them.  Almost every store is trying to clear out their winter stuff and get ready for their spring shipment.  Sounds a bit early, but that's how retail works.  When I managed a clothing boutique, many many moons ago, our first shipment of spring started coming right about now.  It was always so nice to see new warm weather clothes, made me think that winter wouldn't last forever despite what the weatherman may have said that day.

Now that I have 3 cute little kiddos to shop for I absolutely live for these end of season sales.  A lot of times I'm still able to buy clothes they can wear now.  Realistically we still have 3 more months of winter clothes season.  But what I really like is finding great deals on cute clothes for next year.  I'll pack them away and then next fall when I'm going through their closet its like Christmas finding all of these clothes again!

Today was a good shopping day for me :)

I went to The GAP to return a pair of pants that didn't fit Lilly and came home with a huge shopping bag full of clothes.  Today's trip was about the girls.  I bought a few things they can still wear now and even more things they can wear next fall/winter.  I may have gone a bit overboard, but when they offer 50% off the sale wracks its really hard to stop.  So as I'm standing in the store looking through the wracks I had to try and remember what I had already bought on-line the day before :)  

My next trip will have to be one for Logan.

I don't feel even a little bad about this.  With young kids I know that what they are wearing this year will not fit them next year.  With Lilly and Aubrey I'm lucky to make it through a full season without needing to size up.  And every year when shorts weather gets here, Logan's pants have almost turn themselves into capris!

So the big question is--do I shop for myself?  Do I clean out my closet, take inventory, and do a little shopping for me?  I'd love to, but I'm a bit hesitant.  I have really been trying to simplify my wardrobe and shopping right now will undo all the progress I've made.  But with prices so low its taking all of my willpower to stay home right now!

How do you shop?  Do you wait for sales and then stock up or do you buy a little all throughout the year?  Do you buy sale items to hold for next year?

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